Light Wall | Palm Beach FL | 1994

Lannon Museum

light-wall-a-web-copy-1Walking into a living painting 

I had fiber optics from Point of View and the glass tubes. I wanted to use that material in a different way. In the larger room I asked my daughter Maiya, who is a really good painter, to paint flowers on the wall in day-glow paints.  On these flowers I stapled fiber optic that would glow and change color rapidly. In the narrow back room the glass tubes were placed in an undulating pattern and to the ceiling were the fiber optic stapled in an undulating pattern. The light would course through the fiber optic on the ceiling in a fast frenetic way then light up the tubes. There was a small display area cut into the wall. In this space I places very fine fiber optics. When you looked into the square display area you were transported into space. You could really imagine yourself floating among the stars.