PIONEER: April Kingsley   Director Kreesge Art Museum and widely published art critic and historian. Former art critic for Soho News, the Village Voice and Newsweek.



IN THE BALANCE: James Yood   Teacher contemporary art theory and criticism at Northwestern University and writes regularly for Artforum, Glass and American Craft magazines.



MARY SHAFFER: A DISCOURSE ON INNOVATION: John Perreault   New York Art Critic, poet, painter, former contributing editor for the Village Voice.



MARY SHAFFER: CATCHING THE LIGHT: Marcia Miro   Art critic living in Detroit, a contributing editor for Art News, Glass Magazine, among other publications.



MODERN ALCHEMIST: MARY SHAFFER: TRANSFORMING GLASS INTO HIGH ART: Karen S. Chambers   Free-lance writer and curator living in New York, former editor of New York magazine, executive editor of Craft International.